M. Jean-François Dodin

  • Mr. Dodin has over 15 years of experience in portfolio management, asset management and in real estate investments.
  • With CDP Capital - conseil immobilier de Montréal, he conducts merchant banking business operations, specialized in real estate, and manages assets valued at 20 billion dollars, spread throughout America, Europe and Asia.
  • Mr. Dodin actively participated in real estate holdings investments and management, for SITQ Inc of Montreal, a Canadian leader in AAA, real estate investment and part of Caisse de Dépôt's 16 billion dollar fund, spread throughout Europe and in North America.
  • His national and international expertise is broad, wide-ranging, and is a culmination of know-how acquired in office, commercial, industrial, multi-residential and hotel assets management.
  • Before starting his real estate career, Mr. Dodin worked for 2 years in portfolio management specializing performance allocations.
  • A graduate, with Mercure distinction, from École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal (HEC), he also has a Masters of Finance from HEC.

Ms. Marie-Josée Tremblay

  • VIVACITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT's head of operations is its Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Marie-Josée Tremblay.
  • Ms. Tremblay has over 30 years of experience in a wide range of fields including advertising strategies & plans, marketing, French and English corporate writing-editing-translation-adaptations, event and sponsorship negotiation and management.
  • Until recently she operated an international communications firm holding key positions such as Chief of Staff in Canada in turn for the State of Virginia, the State of Louisiana (where she answered directly to the Governor) and the City of Dallas in Texas. Her scope of responsibilities included governmental, political, media and cultural relations. She was in addition, responsible for political exchanges, economic development, protocol and tourism development.
  • Previously Ms. Tremblay gathered international operational training and teaching experience first as the Senior Vice President of the joint International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and Airports Council International (ACI) Airport Management Professional Accreditation Program; and then at International Aviation Management Training Institute (IAMTI) where she occupied the position of Director Airline Management Programs, responsible for the overall organization, content, updating and delivery of all Airline Management academic programs for executive, senior, and middle management at IAMTI.
  • As an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Ms. Tremblay graduated and worked at a tactical and operational jet fighter base as Chief Air Traffic Controller, as Airport Director and asOn Scene Disaster Director (OSCAR)with a specialization in aircraft crashes. She perfected her training in Strategic Communications at the Transport Canada Training Institute in Ontario, Canada, before working at Canadian Airlines International in the Corporate Communications Department as Director Corporate Communications covering the regions of Québec, Atlantic Canada, France and Italy.

Ms. Isabelle Marquis

Since 2013, Mrs. Marquis is involved in the senior living industry, first as an Activity coordinator, then as Assistant Executive Director and Executive Director of Villagia, a prominent seniors’ residence complex (281 units including 42 assisted living units and 123 privately owned condos) in Laval . Her experience was hands-on as she managed all aspects of certification, training, maintenance and housekeeping, catering and kitchen management, emergency procedures, care management and social and event management. In 2016, she joined the Vivacity team as Director of Operations, managing and supervising the Executive Directors of Vivacity managed properties, ensuring continuity of all aspects of management of seniors’ residences for autonomous, semi-autonomous or non-autonomous residents.

Ms. Jian Chun (Pauline), WU CPA, CGA

Ms. Wu is an experienced CPA, CGA. She has been working in seniors’ residences administration throughout Canada since 2011. As a senior accountant and controller, she is responsible for managing the accounting department and her duties include: controlling the financial statements quality of all properties; developing, implementing and ensuring compliance with internal financial and accounting policies and procedures; verifying and performing quarter and year-end closing files; managing of the accounting system; verifying and analyzing the balance sheet and the variation between actual figures and the budget. Ms. Wu is also responsible for training the entire administration staff in residences managed by Vivacity. As such, she travels regularly on site to coach and train staff members. Prior to joining Vivacity, Ms. Wu worked in manufacturing and distribution, property management and construction.

Mr. Denis Perillo

Denis Perillo is responsible for kitchen and food services, specializing in seniors’ residences since 2008. He is familiar with all aspects of certification, government and municipal hygiene procedures and regulations, training staff and ensuring continuity and safety in the kitchens of seniors’ residences managed by Vivacity. Since 2014, he is also responsible for consulting on equipment maintenance and purchase as well as negotiating food prices at large. Executive Chef Perillo’s masters the balancing of special menus such as gluten free, low salt, diabetic, etc.

Executive Chef Denis Perillo graduated from École Hôtelière de Nice, France. His European diplomas merely recognized his passion for fine harmony among various foods and flavours. Tribute was paid to him by “Fondation Gérard Delage” in 2000, here in Canada, and he was named “Maître de la gastronomie pour le Canada” by the “Conseil des Echansons de France”, and more recently (April 2008), he was honoured by the “Académie Culinaire de France”.

Ms. Caroline Tétrault

Caroline Tétrault is an experienced care service manager. Since 2013, as a Registered Practical Nurse she is responsible for seniors’ care services in various residences, providing quality care in a safe, supervised and strict environment to over 160 care units. Responsible for all certification aspects of care, including employee training, keeping employee and resident files up to date, following up on all incident reports and putting initiatives and procedures in place according to reports. Her soft approach with residents and their families ensures excellent relations in a collaborative care environment.

Gilles Mercier
Security, Building, Humans and Materials Resources Coordinator

Gilles Mercier has more than 26 years of combined experience in human resources, project management, building management and international corporate security management, covering all aspects of finance, procedures, deployment and day-to-day business. He brings to the table his expertise in crisis management, health and safety, and prevention and evacuation protocols. A veteran of more than 20 years of experience in various leadership positions in the Canadian Armed Forces, he joined the Villagia team in 2013 and the Vivacity team in 2016.