VIVACITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (2005) is a company that creates and manages innovative development projects in the multi-unit housing sector specializing in... SENIORS' life style retirement residences with SERVICES.

A distinctive APPROACH
VIVACITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT advocates an innovative and distinctive approach to investments.
VIVACITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT analyzes market trends and the “solutions” habitually proposed.
It will then compare these “solutions” against the best available demographic data and adjust them to the changing needs of the target market.
After an in depth analysis, VIVACITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT will seek to develop housing solutions that are better adapted to the clients' evolving requirements.

VIVACITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT offers "à la carte" services you would expect at the best "Boutique" type hotels.
These services are proposed and presented according to the wishes and needs of the clients and are tailored to their growing expectations.

VIVACITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT banks on the experience of recognized organizations and seeks out new competent services and strengths.
VIVACITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT builds on its insight into change at all levels.
It favors open mindedness between partners, ...
  • to cope with new data,
  • to deal with the unexpected, and
  • to adopt new approaches, corresponding to its special methodology.

VIVACITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT chooses collaborators who share its bold determination and who adhere to its guiding principle of ongoing innovation.

VIVACITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT was born from the prestigious partnership with RFA VIA CAPITAL PARTNERS
Brings to the table its expertise with:
  • over four decades of experience in the industry managing commercial estate assets
  • investments in over $15 billion of commercial real estate activity in Canada and the United States